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This page is a repositary of resources to help businesses and people to lead a more sustainable company.
Note: the information shared here comes from websites that have inspired me and B Other Wise

Sustainable Energy

An Innovative Solution

It is about walking the talk and make sure that we walk away from fossil fuels as much as possible

Waste Management

For home and office

I believe in little incremental steps that leads us to positive impact
The list below will give you sustainable toothbrush, or paper for the office... it all counts!


An alternative to planting trees!

- Scottish wildcats :

- Embercombe:

- Fritton Lake in Norfolk, it is part of WildEast, a project aiming to return 20 per cent of the region’s land to nature:

- Coombeshead in Devon:

- Cambrian Wildwood in Ceredigion:

- Heal: Heal Rewilding | nature recovery, climate action

All of them offer staycation options but are driving real rewilding projects that are worth supporting through your business

The Knepp Estate:  Home — Knepp Wildland, remains the reference in the UK.

Variety of Coins

Put your money where your mouth is!

UK Based Ethical Commercial Banks

Wellness for all, whichever flavour you fancy

this list all the people that are helping me staying sane - UK based, London and Home Counties